Mattison Contract Beds


At Mattison Contract Beds, we’re aware that our actions can have a detrimental impact on the environment and have actively taken steps to ensure that our impacts are mitigated, either wholly or in part, wherever we can. This isn’t a onetime exercise and is continually improved upon and invested within so that we’re striving to be better.

We strive to go beyond basic social and environmental regulations, to meet the highest standards in our supply chain expected by our customers and the companies we work with. We are certified and regularly audited by the National Bed Federation (NBF), meet ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. The NBF expects and requires social responsibility, flammability testing, cleanliness of fillings, trade Descriptions, Chemicals - REACH, BIOCIDES, POP’s, UKTR and textile fibre content regulations compliance, and we are audited accordingly.

We have systems and controls in place to monitor our impacts on the environment.


We’re ISO 14001:2015-certified by QMS International and have systems and controls in place to monitor our environmental impacts and to make practical recommendations and improvements to reduce the impact of our business on the environment. This environmental policy includes a range of objectives we endeavour to meet or exceed in our efforts to improve our sustainable business practices. Our status can be confirmed by visiting QMS International’s website - - and searching using our certification number: 200812013.

We only work with FSC and PEFC approved suppliers.


We have a due diligence system in place and only work with suppliers that practice responsible sourcing who comply with UKTR. All our sheet material and raw timber is directly sourced from sustainable sources. We work with suppliers in the UK and Europe and like to build long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers, ensuring longevity and consistency. Many supply partnerships we have are 15+ years’ ongoing, reliable, trustworthy, good value and ethical.

All of our products are fully-recyclable at the end of their life.


100% of all products disposed of through Mattison Beds avoid landfill. Our disposal service is very much that – a service that we offer, to ensure items are responsibly disposed of – and on which we make no profit. We have specifically chosen recycling partners who deconstruct products by hand – this produces a higher rate and quality of recyclable materials obtained.

All of the raw materials used within our products are recyclable at the end of their life. In addition to this, almost all of our raw materials can be re-used or recycled.


We utilise our own onsite warehousing and also supplier warehousing for quick call off and delivery of critical components. Where possible we group deliveries or collect on our own returning vehicles to reduce environmental impact and cost; moreover, we make a conscious effort to acquire new delivery vehicles every 5 years – which ensures we’re running an efficient fleet (Euro 6).

In recent years, we’ve expanded this effort to ensure our directors and sales teams transition to electric vehicles – we’re over 50% through, with work still to go!


There are many aspects we can improve upon when considering environmental impacts and working toward 100% sustainable products and business practices – with one such example being the machinery that makes our products! From ensuring that we’re using cutting-edge CNC machines to ensure minimal waste of materials, to auto-bagging machines to ensure we’re using packaging materials efficiently (and using recyclable material), these changes have made a tangible difference in recent years.

We've taken steps to reduce our packaging and to use recycable materials only.


As hit upon above, one of the most fundamental and prevalent impacts on the environment any manufacturer of goods will produce is product packaging. It isn’t – in and of itself – a bad thing – designed to protect the product during transport, but does certainly have an environmental impact. We’ve made efforts – and investments – to ensure that the product packaging we use is fully recyclable. In addition to ensuring it’s recyclable, we’ve also invested in skills and equipment to use minimal amounts of packaging materials


We review our quality policy and environmental objectives at least annually, as part of our ongoing commitment to the ISO 14001 standard – and we’ll make decisions to improve upon our sustainability and impact on the environment in influencing those decisions.



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