Mattison Contract Beds

With products designed exclusively for the hotel and contract market, Mattison Contract Beds is one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of contract beds with over 150 years of experience. As a UK manufacturer, Mattison Contract Beds produce mattresses, divan beds, headboards, sofa beds, guest beds and bedding accessories which all comply with UK fire regulations. With an extensive portfolio of clients ranging from top hotel chains, independent and boutique hotels, cruise ships, through to interior designers, these are beds for business - designed for demand.

Bluebell headboard

With a panelled appearance, the Bluebell headboard is available in our range of upholstery options.

Clover headboard

The Clover headboard offers a panelled appearance with button details, which can be paired with any of our upholstery options or provide your own fabrics.

Daisy headboard

Floor-standing as standard, our Daisy headboard creates a striking impression!

Fresia headboard

The Fresia headboard features a curved top at exceptional value.

Holly headboard

For a more traditional appearance, the Holly headboard ticks the box, with a distinct border.

Iris headboard

The Iris headboard features contemporary styling with clean, vertical lines.

Ivy headboard

The Ivy headboard features a plethora of panels complemented with deep buttons.

Jasmine headboard

The Jasmine headboard features panels of varying heights.

Laurel headboard

The Laurel headboard is a simple, straightforward headboard and available in our range of upholstery options.

Lavender headboard

The Lavender headboard features panels of varying heights.

Lily headboard

The Lily headboard is a straight-forward, uncomplicated headboard with clean styling and a gentle, curved profile to the padding.

Lotus headboard

With a traditional border and sumptuous padding, the Lotus headboard is a popular choice.

Magnolia headboard

The Magnolia headboard offers clean lines and adds buttons as a flourish.

Maple headboard

The Maple headboard bears similarity with our Iris headboard and features a gentle, curved profile to the padding.

Orchid headboard

The Orchid headboard features two rows of buttons and can be upholstered in our range of fabric options.

Poppy headboard

The Poppy headboard offers a panelled appearance with piping surrounding the frame.

Primrose headboard

The Primrose headboard offers gentle overlaps to provide a striking appearance.

Rose headboard

The Rose headboard features a striking, contemporary angled top to the headboard.

Snowdrop headboard

The Snowdrop headboard offers a scroll-top finish; simplicity at an excellent price.

Sunflower headboard

The Sunflower headboard is a basic headboard with no distractions at an amazing price.

Violet headboard

With strong vertical lines and a solid border, the Violet headboard has more traditional styling and is available in our range of fabric choices.


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